Conversa는 27년간 미 중서부뿐만 아니라 미국 내 전체 지역과 국제적인 시장에 언어 서비스를 제공하여 왔습니다. 본 학원은 자그마하고 친근한 환경에서 제2 언어로서의 영어 교육을 제공합니다. Conversa 언어학원은 오하이오 주의 신시내티 시에 있습니다. 시카고에서 차나 버스로 5시간 거리이며 차로 뉴욕시에서 서쪽으로 12시간 거리에 있습니다. Conversa는 “소통하는 세계”를 만들고 있습니다.

Gerry Thiemann, Company Director

Gerry Thiemann Gerry founded Conversa in 1989, with his wife, Carmen. He has an M.S. in Economics from Oregon State University and then served in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. He is completely accessible to all employees, clients, students and customers, and encourages open communication. He is in charge of the administration of Conversa and helps students with housing, whether it is to help them find an apartment to rent or a room in an international student house. Feel free to contact him directly at, or 513-651-5679.

Lauren Carver, Accountant

Lauren Carver Lauren has a B.S. in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. She is responsible for accounting and payroll for Conversa. Lauren’s presence brings sunshine to our office. You can contact her at 513-651-5679, or

Amy McIntosh, Director of Student Affairs

Amy McIntosh Amy has taught art and science for over 15 years, as well as having served in the AmeriCorps literacy program and as the Executive Director of Richmond Area Arts Council. She holds a master’s degrees in Botany and Printmaking. She loves to garden, cook, draw, and spend time with her son. Contact Amy if you want to apply contact her at

Brian Snowden, Academic Coordinator

BrianBrian taught at Conversa for over six years. Once he got his PhD he moved on to teach business at Wilmington College and now has come back to Conversa to provide guidance on curriculum, supervising teachers and more. His voluminous vocabulary is only exceeded by his dedication for his job and love of working with with staff and students.

Todd Tipton, English Instructor

Todd Tipton Todd has two years experience teaching English in small groups and has a wealth of teaching experience training students to play the classical guitar. If fact, he has a Doctorate in Musical Arts. Maybe his nickname should be “Doc Todd”?

Jolie Weiland, English Instructor

Jolie Weiland Jolie is excited to be a part of the international atmosphere at Conversa! She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and has a BA in French and in Art History from the University of Cincinnati. She taught English in Angers, France for one year and then joined the Peace Corps and spent three years in Morocco teaching English and doing community development. Jolie is our Field Trip Coordinator and will make sure you have fun at Conversa.

Linda Geisselbrecht, English Instructor

Linda GeisselbrechtLinda has a wealth of experience in teaching, including teaching German to Americans at Northern Kentucky University. After getting her BS at Northereastern University in Boston, she has worked for international companies and for Senator Jim Bunning. She was a magistrate and has married many couples in Northern Kentucky. She would love to teach you at Conversa.

Stacy Buschhaus, English Instructor

Stacy Buschhaus Stacy was a Fulbright English Teacher working in Germany instructing students in vocational and high schools. She brings energy to the classroom and makes her students relax with her warm, friendly personality. See how quickly you’ll learn English at Conversa with Stacy as your teacher.

Colby Ryan, Office and Marketing Coordinator

Colby Ryan Colby has an Associates Degree in Business and Marketing from Cincinnati State College. He is responsible for accounting and marketing Conversa’s English Program to the local and international community. Colby keeps the office running smoothly. You can contact him at 513-651-5679, or